We at Truckia offer a range of services integrated with GPS tracking of vehicles and Transportation System end-to-end tracking and reporting management.

Truckia’s vehicle tracking system global positioning framework is much more adaptable than most GPS trackers software. In addition to the fact that it is a viable vehicle tracker and very cost effective, yet the global positioning framework is additionally extraordinary at helping you two vehicle bikes, car truck, or any commercial vehicle. The benefit of GPS tracking Software is Past that, you can utilize it to help screen your littler armadas, to guarantee your vehicles are the place they ought to be the point at which they ought to be there. This can assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from robberies and any other loss.

Its positioning framework is appropriate for both your own utilization, just as for some, incredible business purposes. Also, that is entirely simple to see with the wide scope of following highlights that you can discover in this vehicle tracking software

  1. Geo-fencing cautions:  Jump on-time alarms to when clients are entering or leaving pre-characterized zones, for example, a school, work environment, home, or some other territory you assign

2. Driving conduct:  Find if the client is speeding or taking an interest in other awful driving practices, and help right it by giving them the best possible data

3. Fuel checking:  You can likewise utilize this GPS vehicle following programming to perceive how much fuel is being utilized and what amount is left, helping you to get ready for your outings better

4. Included sensors:  With additional sensors, you can empower the Indian Truckers positioning framework to expand the entirety of its effectively unbelievable component list, including camera sensors, alerts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

5. History and reports:  This incredible GPS global positioning framework will permit you to see history and reports, which is extraordinary for business use and private use too

Satellite Tracking (GPS)

It is an exclusive Vehicle GPS tracking tool, which enables comprehensive Vehicle tracking & management through its special features that focus on the needs of the transportation system. This device can simplify their lives in a more unconventional way, knowing that any case of misconduct will be taken into consideration. This is a user-friendly GPS tracker that offers a variety of reporting and warning features, and with the latest technology, it also allows users to listen to conversations inside the hidden microphone and the SOS button to report any emergencies.

Some of its Distinct Features Include

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Over-Speeding Alert
  • Geo Fence
  • Park Fence Alert
  • Built-in Flash Memory
  • SMS Interface
  • Web Interface
  • Hidden Microphone to Listen to Conversations in Vehicle
  • SOS Button to Report Emergency
  • Customized Reports

Reporting Features

  • Distance Report
  • Speed Report
  • Trip Report
  • Geo Fence Report
  • Park Fence Report
  • Top Speed Report
  • Vehicle Idling Report
  • Vehicle Stationary Report

Alerting Features

  • Movement Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • Geo Fence Alert
  • Park Fence Alert
  • Top Speed Alert

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