Motor (Auto)  insurance is mandatory for all vehicles that play on the road. The primary goal is to provide complete protection against physical damage or loss resulting from vehicle insurance, and man-made accidents are the most important document for all vehicle owners / drivers. offers protection against personal injury, death, physical damage and civil liability. in addition, it guarantees peace and security

Auto insurance can be broadly classified into the following modules

Car Insurance

Car insurance provides coverage against accidental loss or damage to the car itself or to third parties. When choosing an auto insurance policy, a person should always compare the premium depending on the brand and value of the car, the state from which it is registered and the year of manufacture.

Two Wheeler Insurance

As the number of two-wheeled vehicles increases rapidly every day, the possibility of an accident with financial losses can arise. Insurance of your vehicle is mandatory under the Automobile Act 1988. The characteristics of a two-wheeled policy are similar to those of auto insurance.

Commercial  Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance helps all commercial vehicle drivers reduce the losses they may suffer as a result of damage to their vehicle. Commercial vehicles are those that are not used for personal purposes, such as vehicles that transport goods.