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Vehicle tracking, or GPS tracking, is a technology that combines vehicle tracking with software interfaces that display vehicle data. This data can then be used by the company as business intelligence to make informed decisions.

To collect data about the car, a tracking device is installed in the car. It collects data on vehicles of all kinds, from turning the engine on and off to fuel consumption, using devices connected to the vehicle, etc., as well as for comparing location data.

Vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle tracking in individual vehicles with software that collects this fleet information to get a complete picture of the vehicle location. Modern vehicle tracking systems typically use GPS or GLONASS technology to locate vehicles, but other automated vehicle tracking technologies can also be used. Vehicle data can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. Urban public transport authorities are increasingly using vehicle tracking systems, especially in large cities.

Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by transport operators such as modeling, navigation, shipping, information and aviation security. Several automotive simulation systems are integrated together or connected to fleet management software. Along with boat users, city dwellers use the technology for a number of purposes, including checking the bus’s listening seconds in service, causing automatic changes from the bus signal to the signal after cars arrive at the bus station.

Some Key Benefits of Gps tracking software system:

1. Real-Time Tracking

Most GPS tracking devices are active with real-time monitoring. The location of the vehicle is recorded on the map as it moves from one place to another. The vehicle’s GPS location is shown on the map along with the vehicle speed when it is moving. The current state of vehicles such as moving, parking or inactivity is indicated by map markers. With a practical interface, several vehicles can be assembled and controlled at the same time.

2. Trip History.

You can map all the tours made by the vehicle on the map. Data such as mileage, stopping, idle, engine time and average speed will be displayed. Excessive speed and overdrive movements are highlighted on the map. Some systems come with the option of playing the entire tour. This feature brings value to business owners and car owners through a drive.

3. Alerts.

With the help of vehicle tracking system functions such as speed warning, day start warning, route deviation alarm and excessive stop warning, you can analyze driver behavior and optimize fuel consumption and labor optimization. . Depending on your needs, there are several alerts that can be configured: Inactive Alert, Stop Alert, Handling Alert, Quick Alert, etc.

4. Anytime Anywhere Access.

In today’s interconnected world, where all the information is at hand, it is imperative to invest in a vehicle tracking system available online and on your smartphone. This is especially useful when discerning parents use the car’s tracking device to track school buses or drivers carrying children. The easy-to-access app lets you keep your vehicle moving in real-time, anytime, anywhere with the easy-to-use app, no matter where you are.

5. Geo  Fencing

Geo fencing takes alert personalization to the next level. You can create a geographic boundary around a map element called a geographic fence. Each time the vehicle enters or exits a geographic fence, an alarm device will be issued. This opens up unique opportunities in the different ways audit information is used, which means increased operational efficiency, staff optimization and a higher level of user security.

6. Historical reports and Dashboard summary

For most companies, where there is a large involvement of medium-sized fleets, access to location and accident information represents a high return on investment. Fleet managers can search for and check information about their vehicles up to 90 days ago and make informed decisions that can positively impact their business. The GPS Tracking Solution has a large set of graphical reports equipped with a business dashboard. You get a complete overview of metrics that are important for the performance of your business. There are reports on total distance traveled, rest time, speed, stops and workouts. You can view metrics for different vehicle groups and for different times.

7. Easy To use Mobile Friendly

The simple and intuitive user interface offers powerful features, such as group access without the need for multiple accounts, an aerial view of the entire fleet and the ability to report historical and current data. An intuitive, simple but well-developed user interface provides easy access to the right information for informed decision-making.

8. Access  control  and user management

For business owners, user management and access control are an important feature of the vehicle tracking system. You should be able to add and edit your user profile and also manage your role access rights. You should be able to assign one or more predefined roles to a user and perform the grouping in which the user group is in the group. You can use it to track vehicles for a group of vehicles and you can also view report information for the entire group.

9. Analytics

Some GPS tracking devices have an innovative enterprise solution and are designed to harness the power of local services, integrate with cloud computing and keep Fleet Operator data at your fingertips to ensure predictable performance.

10. Easy Installation

When looking for the right GPS-based vehicle tracking device for your needs, ease of installation and maintenance is important. You need to look for a compact device that can be installed wisely (under the panel). Devices that support OBD connectors are the best choice for a plug and play solution. Compatibility with different car models is a factor to consider when making an informed choice.

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